Sunday, December 28, 2008

Welcome to my practice.

The NUCCA manipulative procedure itself is quite involved, as the procedure is very much a process. Supine Leg Check, Bilateral Digital Weight Analysis, scanning palpation, and appraisal of the upper cervical X-rays and correlation to the patients clinical presentation at that time are all part of the process of the manipulation. This process usually takes about 8-10 minutes. Additionally, 3-dimensional, whole body postural analysis and positioning is assessed through the means of a device called an Anatomer before and after a correction can take time. We also employ a period of 20-30 minutes of passive cervical traction which we have found acts as a stabilizing process following the mobilization of the Atlantal-Axial, Occipito-Atlantal joints. Taking the right amount of time and precise clinical decision making go into every upper cervical correction in our office. The entire process--not including the pre and post X-rays---usually takes 45-minutes to and hour.

I have found that patients--at least most of them-- have excellent questions about their daignosis and symptoms and want to understand how their symptoms and their health relates to their spine, as much as "how" and "why" a NUCCA spinal correction helps.

This blogspot is dedicated to a continuation of that discussion--whether you are a patient in the practice or not. So, bring your questions, your thoughts and your comments. My intent and mission is to help as many of you as I can. I have found that most human healing starts with an idea that has the power to change you in some meaningful way---those ideas are relevant here. NUCCA has been not only that idea for hundreds of thousands of people everywhere, but it has literally expanded outward into the world as one of the great healing techniques that is not merely palliative, but rather fundamentally changing. It is a good first step towards health....sometimes that step is small, but more often it is a giant step forward. Why and How?

.....That is what we can explore in the days and months ahead.

Dr. Chris Chapman
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