Monday, November 29, 2010

Results: Gentle Upper Cervical Care for Baby's

In my last video, Part 1, I showed how you could tell if your baby was in need of being corrected by a NUCCA doctor. I am re-posting that video here for your convenience.

Next, in Part 2 I show the correction procedure. It's pretty interesting, but you really need to see Part 1 so you can see the immediate differences. I am also posting the video---Part 3---of my exam of the infant and my interview with the mother regarding the extraordinary results from just one correction in just 2 days!

In my first video, I showed how parents could recognize when their baby is out of alignment and needs to be corrected using the gentle NUCCA procedure.

I discussed how a small amount of misalignment between their head and neck can cause symptoms affecting the eyes, ears, nose and throat--including digestion and airway disorders. I made recommendations that parents should have their infant checked by a Grostic based upper cervical doctor such as a NUCCA or Atlas Orthogonal specialist.

I pointed out that one of the things parents and caregivers can look for is: the tendency of the length of their little bodies to bend or twist to one side, in a "banana" like posture while sleeping, diaper changing or laying on their backs. Also, notice any difficulty in breast-feeding more on one side than the other. This usually indicates a subluxation in the infant.

Here is the first of three. Enjoy, and share this with someone you love.

Part 1

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